Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tenerife - Miscellaneous Highlights

Some other fun things we did in Tenerife . . .

Dado got to surf!! This was his first surf session in almost a year. He surfed Playa de Las Americas (again, I kid you not about the name!). The kids and I had fun playing on the beach and watching the beautiful waves. They are a gorgeous color when they break.

There are pyramids on Tenerife, too. These are the Pyramids of Guimar. They don't look old, but they are.And the kids tamed some wild lizards! Okay . . . so they are only statues. :)

We also celebrated Easter on Tenerife. The Easter Bunny left beach toys and hid chocolates. It's amazing that the Easter bunny could find us in Tenerife.

And Mommy made some fun Easter toys, too!

Look how well they clean up!

Masca was somewhat of a letdown, but the drive was beautiful. Masca was described online and by locals as the hidden valley and the pirate village. According to local legend, pirates used to harbor here, so Max and Josey were very excited to see a pirate village. Another local told us that a village was just discovered there 25 years ago. Ha!

Turns out that Masca is a tiny village on the side of a giant mountain. It is very hidden and very beautiful, but it is also many kilometers from the sea.

Here are some photos of the view . . . spectacular! Love to all!!

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