Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tenerife Highlight 4 - Crashing the Sheraton

Okay, I've officially lost the kids' attention, so the rest is all me.

We stayed at the Beverly Hills Club (I kid you not about the name!) condo resort. It was very nice, and it was a wonderful gift from David & Julie. Here are a view of the pool from our room and a view off of our terrace at sunrise.

The only bummer about the Beverly Hills Club was that it was up on a hill and in the middle of a very highly developed hill full of condos. So . . .

Mike had an idea on our second day . . . why not crash the Sheraton hotel, which was about a 15 minute drive away and right on the coast. We are members of the Sheraton Club and have been for over 10 years (since we have spent many Hawaiian vacations at the Sheraton Black Rock in Maui!!), so we didn't feel too guilty about it. Plus, we made sure to buy drinks or spend money on something every visit. Mike even got a haircut there!

Here are some views of the pool at the Sheraton. Ahhh . . . The kids played in that pool for hours while we lounged poolside. Their favorite part was the waterfall in the pool. How cool is that?!

We were there 5 of our 6 days on Tenerife - usually for a few hours in the afternoon. We actually became "regulars" - with Max & Josey playing with other kids staying at the hotel regularly. It was awesome!

Love to all!!

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