Monday, April 20, 2009

Bonne Anniversaire a Sandra!

“I’m young, you’re old”

We had a fun birthday party for Sandra on Sunday, hosted by Sandra and Jean-Louis. Her actual birthday is April 20.

Sandra made Encornet, which is a culinary specialty from Sete. Sete is the large port city about 15 minutes from Bouzigues. It is also where Sandra, Franck, and Sabrina grew up.

Encornet is calamari stuffed with sausage. It is then cooked in a delicious red sauce and served over rice. Excellent!

The gorgeous birthday cakes were much like strawberry shortcake. Mmmmm! Especially good with champagne.

Sandra has perfected Phillipe’s method of uncorking a champagne bottle with a knife! It’s very cool. Notice that the rim of the champagne bottle is gone!

It was a great, relaxing afternoon. Mike and I were worried that we would have trouble understanding everyone’s French, since we had just returned from 8 days in Spain. However, I don’t think we lost any progress. Yeah!

I knit her a bolero for her birthday, and it fits. Yeah!! Mike picked out the coolest gift - uncut US one dollar bills to add to her collection of US goodies. I still have to take a picture of that.

Bonne Anniversaire, Sandra! Merci beaucoup de tout ce que tu faite pour nous. Tu est une ami merveilleux. Nous t’aime!!

Love to all!!

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