Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tenerife Highlight 3 - Mt. Teide

Our next highlight was Mt. Teide, which is the volcano on Tenerife as well as the highest point in all of Spain.From Max:
It was so high. You could smell the lava. I found a really neat rock, but I didn't get to bring it down because I didn't hide it. The man took it from me when I tried to go back down. Before that we ate lunch, which was bread with meat and something, and spirit, which is a drink. Oh, that's all I have to say. Actually, it's not. When we got up to the top, we saw snow and we saw the explosion part, but we didn't get to go all the way up. And, once we got there, it was freezing. The way down in the gondola was way faster and much more fun. It took you so far up. The end.

View from the top of the mountain . . .

From Josey:
Once upon a time, I went to Mt. Teide. When I went to Mt. Teide, I got an altitude headache. I found a really rock, so did Mommy. She put it in her pocket, so it was hidden, so the man didn't see it, so we got to keep it.

From Gayle:
This is a national park, and it is amazing. As you approach the volcano, the landscape is completely bizarre - like you would imagine the moon. There are also a lot of desert plants.

This was definitely worth the ride to see such an amazing feat of nature. Also on the drive, we saw some beautiful scenery. Check it out . . .

We took the gondola ride to the "top" of the mountain. However, we blew it! We did not have a permit to walk to the top of the crater. On one hand, that is a bummer because we would have loved to see the crater. Max loves volcanoes, so this would have been an excellent experience. However, on the other hand, Josey had a horrible altitude headache, so we had to bring her down quickly. If we had attempted the climb (an extra 1000 meters from the top of the gondola), it would have been really bad!

Love to all!!

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