Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tenerife Highlight 2 - Black Sand Beach

The next Tenerife highlight for the family was the black sand beach on the north side of the island.

From Josey:
I like the black sand beach because it was beautiful. The black sand changes shades as it goes closer to the water. The waves were beautiful colors. There was a surfing school there surfing. Dado wanted to surf, but he didn't have a board. Poor thing. We made a moat and a prison out of sand. The moat was to keep the water out of the hole, which was our prison. I put a piece of wood over the prison so I could walk over it without falling in. It was a giant hole up to your shins.

From Max:
I was running in the water, and water splashed and splashed. I helped Josey make a castle. I found some shells, and we played paddle ball. The waves would crash against the rocks and splash all over the place. We got black sand to give to our friends as gifts. We already gave some to Sandra and Sabrina. I was soaking! And we played frisbee. We ran across the beach in the water.

From Gayle:
It was almost a 90-minute drive each way over some of the most beautiful mountains ever! As we drove over the summit and twisted and turned our way down the other side, the views of the ocean were breath-taking. We also were lucky enough to have beautiful weather that day. My photos really don't do the view justice!

I was fascinated by the black sand, which is glittery, warm, soft, and beautiful. The sand, the sun, and the sound of the surf all combined to make this one of my favorite parts of Tenerife.

Love to all!!

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