Monday, April 6, 2009

Paques Chez Billat

We had an Easter (Paques en francaise) at our house this weekend. It was a perfect afternoon – sunny and happy.

Our extended family included Sandra, Jean-Louis, Victoria, Noah, and Michelle from Chez Brun and Sabrina, Franck, Jordan, and Logan from Chez Sabrina.

Dado made us tacos, and everyone ate with their hands. Woohoo.

Michelle made a delicious fruit salad, Sandra made yummy salsa and guacamole (Julie’s recipe!), and Sabrina made a delicious and beautiful Easter cake.

We (of course) had an Easter egg hunt. However, this year we did not color Easter eggs. The eggs here are brown, and we could not find egg dye. I suspect that brown eggs don’t dye well, thus the lack of dye kits. Instead, we hid lots & lots of bonbons!

Once we were all stuffed, we walked down to the beach. While most of the adults relaxed in the sun, Franck took the kids out clamming!

It was an idyllic afternoon, and we had a wonderful time. Merci a nous amis pour passé le après midi avec nous!

Sorry that so many of my photos look overexposed.

Love to all!!

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