Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tenerife Highlight 1 - Whale Watching

I asked the family for their highlights from the Tenerife vacation. Here are the kids' responses.

From Josey:
I like whale watching because we saw dolphins and whales. They were amazing. We saw one whale breech and one dolphin breech.

The whales were short-finned pilot whales, and the dolphins were bottle-nosed dolphins. I saw some whales blow.

Dolphins hunt in packs so that they can circle the fish. Then, if one wanders from the group, the dolphins will eat them.

From Max:
Short-finned pilot whales can be half the size of a pirate boat. The females live 20 years longer than the boys. The boys live 40 years. Their food are giant squids that live 300 meters down, and one whale went under the boat. And the whales weigh up to 4 tons. They are not baleen whales.

We went on a pirate boat to see them. Dolphins, when they jump, look beautiful. But I didn't see one blow. And, they live near these fish farms. I think they live in groups.

On the pirate ship, we got to have balloons. They put up their sails, and we got to see the anchor come up. Someone took pictures of us.

Whoever is going to read this, goodbye.

From Gayle:
One highlight for me was swimming in the Atlantic! The boat anchored in a cove so we could all take a quick dip. It was chilly, so the dip was definitely quick. As soon as Max and I were ready to get out, Josey wanted a turn. Thus, I spent a little while bobbing around in the Atlantic Ocean. Cool!

When we anchored, the guide told us that getting in the water is a sure cure for sea sickness. She was right! Unfortunately, the many other people on the boat holding their puke bags did not get in the water. I highly recommend a dip if you are feeling sick.

Love to all!!

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