Sunday, April 5, 2009

Judo - The Second Competition

The kids had their second French Judo competition on March 29 in Meze (a neighboring village). It was very exciting! All 5 kids (Max, Josey, Noah, Victoria, and Jordan) placed either second or third, so everyone got medals and bonbons. And, for the most part, the competition was fierce! These kids from the Meze judo class had a lot of yellow and orange belts.

Just look at how intimidating the instructors appear.

Max and Noah were up first at 9:15am. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of Noah because he was on the other side of the gym. He had a great time though - laughing and smiling all the while.

Here are some action shots of Max's 4 bouts. Warming up with an instructor.

Go, Max!! Allez, allez!

When it was over, Max took 3rd place. Yeah, Max!

Josey, Victoria, and Jordan were up at 2:00pm. Josey and Victoria even had their own "face off"! Tres cool!

And some other action shots of Josey . . .

Josey and Jordan won second place medals, and Victoria won a third place medal. Felicitations! Bravo!

Love to all!!

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