Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Quiet Day

Today we stayed close to home . . . somewhat of a requirement because Grom did not wake up 'til almost 10:00am! Jet lag.

We managed to get our shopping done, dragging Dude along to Gran Frais & Carrefour. Then, Dado made us a yummy BBQ lunch: Salmon for the grown ups & burgers for me and the kiddies. I must tell you, Dado makes this yummy lunch for us regularly. I am spoiled!

When we were finally ready to leave the house (somewhere around 2:00pm!), we headed out to Mas du Novi (Domain Saint-Jean du Noviciat), which is a spectacular winery about 20 minutes away. They provide a fabulous tour of the winery and the chapel (from the 13th century) along with the wine tasting. The woman who provides the tour recognizes us now, and it is really fun to chat with her.

Here are some great pics . . .

And Dude looking stylish among the fut de chene (oak barrels). This is where they let the red wine rest - 12 months in the oak barrels followed by 12 months in the bottles. There are 600 barrels, and each barrel provides 250 bottles of wine. Wow.

Here are some more cool pictures from the winery visit . . .


Later, back at home, we were joined by our friends Sabrina & Cyrielle. It was very interesting to have all of us adults around the table - Sabrina & Cyrielle speaking only French, Dude speaking only English, Grom understanding and speaking a bit of French, and me and the Dado translating. Comical! However, I did feel like I've come a mightly long way with my French since this time last year. Yay!

Now, it's time for bed here in France. Tomorrow - Carcassonne!

Love to all!!

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