Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Montpellier & Le Pont du Diable

Day 2 with Grom & Dude was interesting. We had planned to spend the day in Carcassonne, but we were rained out of those plans. Plan B was to wander around the historical parts of Montpellier, including lunch out.

Plan B was not quite as interesting as we hoped it would be. Thus, I only have one great photo to impress you with. This is the inside of an artisan succette store (lollypops!). Aren't the colors beautiful?

Following our Montpellier visit, we managed to make it to a winery near St. Guilhem le Desert. The kids and I played outside while Dado, Dude & Grom had the tour & tasting. They were not impressed with the wine, but they discovered what they called the world's best balsamic vinegar. It is rather delicious!

Because we were so close to St. Guilhem le Desert, we decided that we simply had to show Dude Le Pont du Diable. We brough Grom, Julie & Alex there last year, but it was all new to Dude.

Isn't it amazing?And there is the Dado!

More to come soon!

Love to all!!

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