Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day Chez Nous

Joyeux Noel . . . Merry Christmas . . . Happy Holidays!

Christmas Day was delightfully quite and peaceful. Of course the children woke up early to open presents, and we frolicked in our pajamas until lunch.

Here are some great shots of Josey! In the first, she is opening the mouse I knit for her, and she is wearing a Christmas headband I knit for her. In the second, she's just being beautiful.

And here are some cute pictures of Max. In the first, he's opening the penguin I knit for him. In the second, he's just being adorable.

And here is the Dado! He is admiring Max's new science kit in the first shot, and he is opening the sweater I knit for him in the second.

Sorry, no pictures of me (since I was holding the camera) and no pictures of Alex (she has a new boyfriend, thus she did not want to journey to France for the holidays).

Here is a shot of Max and Josey on the terrace on Christmas evening.

I want to thank all of you who helped make our Christmas fantastic! And special shouts out for the great gifts we received from . . .
  • Grandma Pat- yay! a new knitting book for me and a spectacular dinner in Paris!
  • Mark, Susie & Sean - yay! new cool pants & tunics for me!
  • Sophie - a gift certificate to a nature store in France!
  • Sandra, Jean-Louis & Michelle - lovely Lush bath products!
  • Everyone who emailed - thank you!!
And just to think that there will be even more presents to open when my parents arrive. Wahoo!

Love to all!

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