Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Day of Wonderful Surprises

Wow. What a great day! We received two packages from the US today filled with surprise gifts.

My Aunt Dianne read my birthday post, and she felt bad that she hadn't sent me a gift. Silly DiDi! Of course my blog post was not meant to inspire guilt in anyone. Of course I forgive you. More than that! I was absolutely tickled by all your thoughtful - and highly usable - gifts. You rock! Thank you so very much.

DiDi sent me . . .
  • A new knitting stash enhancement of 2 balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze in a gorgeous pink colorway. Wow! I can't wait to knit with that beautiful yarn. Perfect selection!!
  • A stash of personal products that I simply can't find the equivalent of here in France. My mom's idea was perfect, Di. Now I don't have to ask her to bring more when she arrives in December. Too funny!
  • A cool, handmade "scrappy sack". This sits over the arm of a chair, so my knitting supplies are always within reach. I love this! If you can't tell in the photo, the fabric actually has balls of yarn printed all over it.

My mom sent Max and Josey . . .

Handmade scarves and hats in Christmas colors. Adorable and perfect for the chilly weather. And I loved her note . . . "Every stitch was made with love, so when you wear them, it will be like Grom was wrapping you in a big, warm hug."
They fit perfectly!

Thanks Grom & Di for making our day. It's hard to communicate with words just how much fun it is to get surprises from home in the mail. Do you remember . . . when you were little, and you got a card in the mail? Do you remember how exciting that was? Especially if there was a little surprise tucked inside, too? Well, that just begins to explain how we feel when we get love from home.

Merci mille fois!

Love to all!!

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