Wednesday, December 23, 2009

C'est Noel!

It's Christmas! We made Gingerbread cookies for Christmas gifts for the kids' teacher (including the Judo teacher) and neighbors.

Let me tell you, it's difficult to find molasses in France! And of course, molasses is required for Gingerbread cookies.

Then we made our traditional Sugar Cookies with Sophie! These, of course, will be for Santa. We will also bring some to Sandra's house tomorrow for the Christmas Eve party. Yay!

News Flash!
The kids just delivered cookies to our elderly next-door neighbors, and guess what?! They returned with a plate full of handpainted Christmas ornaments!! How cool is that? As Dado said, "Mommy will keep those for the rest of her life."

Here are two . . .

If only Alex was here, too. It's sad to make Christmas cookies without her.

Love to all!

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