Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Chez Brun

We had a wonderful time at Sandra & Jean-Louis on Christmas Eve. Sandra outdid herself with dinner!

First, she made my favorite salad in all the world: sauteed geziers and figs with foie gras.

She baked a stuffed turkey with delicious veggies and potatoes . . .

And fun & games were had by all!

Unfortunately, I did not get good pictures of all the fabulous gifts! We were very spoiled . . . Mike now has 3 bottles of the best wine from Bordeaux, I have many baths worth of super yummy smelling Lush bath goodies (I can't wait to use them!), and the kids each have some great new toys. Max really, really, really wanted to start his Sea Monkeys today, but it's too cold for them to survive. :) Thus, one of his presents will be enjoyed in the spring. How lucky is that?

Merci mille fois Sandra, Jean-Louis, Michelle, Victoria & Noah! We had a wonderful time, and we are very grateful to have you as family.

Love to all!

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