Saturday, January 9, 2010

Carcassonne - Take Two

Carcassonne was just as magical with Grom & Dude as it was the last time we were here. It is the most authentic castle/fortress/walled city I have seen yet! This is the view before you enter the walled city. Amazing!
And here are some views of the towers while I was standing on the battlements.

Of course there is an amazing and ancient church, in this case, it is a mini Notre Dame. If you are curious, there are a lot more pictures of it in my last Carcassonne blog entry, but here are a few cool ones: the church view from the battlements, scary gargoyles & gigantic, intimidating front doors.

Max and Josey tried to relive the past . . .

And we re-discovered a terrific form of Time Outs! Oh, the things we can learn from history.

Besides our memories & photos, the boys got some cool souvenirs! For you loyal blog followers, you may remember the story about the knife Max tried to carry on the airplane. He got that knife in Carcassonne. Now he has two. Check out Dude's new hatchet. I know two young men in Elk Grove who are going to love that. I hope Dude gets pictures of their faces!

Here is the souvenir I wanted. Alas, I wasn't willing to spend the 350 Euros. Isn't it amazing?! What with my love of all things flamingo.

Fun was had by all . . . I think Grom & Dude even enjoyed the authentic cassoulet lunch. I know we all loved the salad with nuts, goat cheese, and honey. Deeelicious.

Love to all!!

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