Saturday, January 16, 2010

Paris - Alone!

Thanks to my parents, who volunteered to stay with Max & Josey for 2 days, Mike and I were able to spend 2 days alone in Paris. Woohoo!! This included New Year's Eve.

How romantic is that? New Year's Eve in Paris . . . alone!

We arrived at Debb & Reed's apartment on Rue Montmartre in the late afternoon on New Year's Eve day. First, we strolled through the market street, gathering goodies for dinner. We had the most delicious pasta ever from the tiny Italian market: parma ham tortellini and beef & veggie tortelloni with a spectacular basil pasta sauce. We also picked up fresh bread (naturally), chocolates, wine, and salad.

It was a spectacular dinner, enjoyed to its fullest extent in a wonderful setting.

Here are some pictures of Debb & Reed's apartment, if you haven't seen them before. We send a ton of love & thanks to Debb & Reed for hosting all of us for the holiday.

As always, you are wonderful and generous beyond all belief! :)

After dinner, we had to make sure that Mike was able to stay awake until midnight. So, we struck out on a walk to the Champs Elysees and the Arch de Triumph. We had no idea that this was to be a 3.5 hour walk . . . in the cold! However, it was absolutely beautiful to behold the Christmas lights of Paris.

These are all iPhone pics . . . but I think you will get the idea!

In 2008, the French people made a statement on New Year's Eve on the Champs Elysees by starting about 110 car fires. So, this year, there was an enormous police presence all along the famous street. Dado snapped a picture of a gendarmerie. Check out the body armor & riot helmet!
It was a Happy New Year's Eve walk - complete with signage.

When we finally arrived home, we waited breathlessly for the famous Parisienne fireworks. If you didn't know, Dado especially loves, loves, loves fireworks! Alas, there were none to be seen. Those car fires of 2008 resulted in a ban on fireworks on both the Champs Elysees and at the Eiffel Tower. Quelle horeur!

Alas, we did get to see the sparkling Eiffel Tower, which is the view from Debb & Reed's master bedroom and bathroom. Amazing!!

Sometimes, it feels like my life is a beautiful dream!

Love to all!!

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