Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sigean African Reserve

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears - Oh My!

Okay, so there weren't any tigers, but check out what we saw this week! We played hookie Thursday afternoon and drove to Sigean. They have an enormous African Reserve park. Part of the park is a drive-thru where the animals are literally right outside of your car, and another part of the park is a walk-thru with huge habitats.

I will let the pictures do the talking.

Driving . . . With no barrier whatsoever between us and the animals!

And walking . . . There were some barriers involved here, but not many.

For the flamingos, notice all the different colors! We have these in l'etang in Bouzigues, and it was a joy to see them up close. Watch as they unfurl their wings! It's magical.

There was only a small chain separating the path from the flamingos, so . . . (shh - don't tell anyone!), we let the kids cross over the chain and scavenge for flamingo feathers.

When we made it to the goats, the kids took a while to get brave enough to pet the goats.

A wonderful way to spend an afternoon! There was almost nobody there besides us and the animals; it was warm and sunny; we have gorgeous flamingo feathers for souvenirs; and we all had a great time.

Love to all!

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