Sunday, March 1, 2009


We had a blast in Bouzigues yesterday afternoon, participating in our first Carnaval. This is a tradition celebrated the last day before Lent begins, and it was wildly fun. Josey’s friend Emma joined us as did Noah.

We started at the school at 3:3 in the afternoon, and we were surprised by how many people were there. Every child was in costume (this year’s theme was Pirates), and so were many adults. Confetti and silly string were flying everywhere.

The teenagers were all in black and white with shaving cream in their hair . . .

There was a decorated truck to lead the parade . . .

And a pirate ship that was pushed through the entire parade through the village. During the parade, the soundtrack consisted of La Vida Loca, Cotton-Eyed Joe, Hit the Road Jack, and Jailhouse Rock (Elvis). I was rockin’ out!

And look at this little cutie!

The parade took a pit stop at the port
for the tradition of Monsieur Carnaval.

From the Web:

Monsieur Carnaval… is responsible for all the wrongdoing people do throughout the year. At Carnival time in France, Monsieur Carnaval is judged for his behavior throughout the preceding year. Usually he’s found guilty and an effigy of him is burned at the Carnival.

While Monsieur Carnaval is burning, people dance in a circle around the fire singing.

Wow! It was crazy. They really lit the effigy on fire, and we all
danced around him while he burned. The song? Cotton-Eyed Joe. It was a bit surreal!

See the kids' expressions? That is Emma, Max, Josey, and Cannelle (Max's great friend).

When Monsier Carnaval was just a pile of ashes, we headed up the hill to the Espace Fringadelle, which is where the parties of Bouzigues are held. There were great snacks for all and a costume contest for the kids where the Prince and Princess of Carnaval were elected (I think they were chosen randomly from names in a box).

The kids ran around having a great time until about 6:00pm. It was really, really fun! There was still confetti in my hair this morning, and there is a blanket of confetti all over the house.

Love to all!

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