Thursday, March 5, 2009

Learning the Hard Way

We have learned two things lately . . . one the hard way!

We received our first French speeding ticket in the mail. It was a shock since we were never pulled over, and we never speed past the speeding cameras (there are big signs warning you that there is a camera, so they are never a surprise). Obviously there was a police officer with a radar gun and camera at the side of the road near Perpignan.

From that lesson we learned that we really have to learn more about the French road signs! Mike is diligent about following the posted speed limit to avoid any tickets or other notice by French authorities.

We also learned that you can very easily pay your speeding tickets online. :)

The other lesson we learned was regarding license plates. We bought our Renault Kangoo back in September. We registered the car right away, and we kept waiting patiently for the license plates to arrive in the mail - you know, like happens in the US. Duh! We're in France now! Why should it be the same here?

In France, they send you your Carte Gris, which is your car registration. You take your Carte Gris to the auto store where they make your license plates for you on the spot. It's really easy! Then, for a few euros, they will put them on your car for you. Now we're legal!

We learned about the license plates on a fluke. One night at judo, Mike asked Jean-Louis about them, since it had been about 4 months at that point since we bought the Kangoo. Jean-Louis explained the whole process.

Le prochaine fois, Jean-Louis, s'il te plait "volunteer" les informations quand nous sommes bete et ignorant sur les chose Francaise. :) Merci!

Love to all!

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