Monday, March 23, 2009

Roquebrun with Friends!

We had a great adventure in Roquebrun recently with our French friends: Sandra, Jean-Louis, Sabrina, Franck, Victoria, Noah, Jordan, and Logan.

It was the first warm, sunny day we had this spring, and we were basking in the sunshine. Here's Sabrina relaxing in the sun!

We were also indulging in a delicious picnic.

The kids had a great time playing in the river. Of course, we packed the swim bag and intertubes. After all, my kids will swim in almost any weather and almost any water! The other children hadn’t expected to go swimming, but we worked it out.

Here's Logan - tubin' it on the beach and Max shootin' the "rapids"!

Those tiny little specks of color in the water are the kids. I wanted to show you Roquebrun in the background, too.

It was a wonderful adventure! Sandra, Sabrina, Jean-Louis, and Franck are so much fun. And it’s always a great learning experience for us, too. So much fast-flying French!

Love to all!!

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