Tuesday, March 24, 2009

BBQ Chez Sabrina & Franck

Yummmmeee! That’s how I describe Sabrina and Sandra’s cuisine. Of course, I should say, “Délicieux!” However, I simply cannot pronounce that word. Believe me, I try very, very hard (just ask Sandra).

This weekend, Sabrina and Franck served up a wonderful bbq: pork chops, beef shish kabob, and ribs along with homemade couscous, a Moroccan salad, and strawberry margaritas.

Have I mentioned before how delicious the pork is here in France? I don’t know why, but it is much, much better than the pork in America. Thus, yesterday’s pork chops encouraged over-eating.

Sandra made a delicious lemon tart – from scratch! However, I was so full by the time dessert was served, I couldn’t eat another bite.

It was another blissful day, too: sunny, peaceful, relaxing, and filled with good company. It was all outside, with the kids playing in the garden. Perfect!

Merci beaucoup, Sabrina & Franck, for a wonderful afternoon & meal! We are grateful to have you as friends.

Love to all!!

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