Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanksgiving in Bouzigues

Different but terrific - as so many things are in France. Of course the French do not celebrate Thanksgiving, so we made our own celebration.

The Brun family joined us for a spaghetti dinner. I know . . . spaghetti for Thanksgiving dinner?! Quelle horror! It was necessary to be adaptable because turkeys are just about impossible to find - at least for us. Sandra made a beautiful (and delicious) dessert.

We decorated the house with Christmas lights, garland, and other festive decorations. And, as a special treat for each of the children, we made a special decoration. This is something we learned watching French television, and it was great!!

We bought large glass vases, added a bit of rock to the bottom, added water, added a goldfish, and floated a candle atop the water. Check it out! Now Mike is Noah's hero. It turns out that Noah has been asking for a fish for years, but Sandra & Jean-Louis have always said, "No." Well . . . now they have pet fish. Noah loves, loves, loves his fish. So much for Dado's rule: Never give a live gift.

As a bizarre sidebar - Josey's fish jumped out of its vase the other day! We found the poor thing on the floor, and we all assumed it was dead. Luckily, Josey and Dado noticed it move before we flushed the little guy. We popped him back in his vase, hoping for the best. I'm happy to report that he is alive and thriving again. Yeah!

Love to all!

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