Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Now This Was Funny!

Picture the scene . . .

You are peacefully sleeping, snuggled against the warm back of your husband, when you are awakened at 4:02 AM by a strange cracking sound. This sound is much like the sound in suspense movies - when some dumbass is inevitably walking on thin ice, and the ice starts to crack.

Loud, creaking, cracking sounds that are just WRONG at 4:02 AM.

I groggily asked Mike, "What's wrong?" He answered - quite wide awake, I must say, "I don't know, but I think the bed is breaking."

Next thing we knew - SNAP!

Suddenly, my head was practically on the floor while my feet were almost sticking up in the air. I think there was a little bit of muffled giggling at the absurdity of the situation. There has definitely been a lot of laughing since we woke up!

Here is what the bed frame looked like when we moved the mattress the next morning. That's the corner where my head rests peacefully (most of the time). Ho ho ho!

Love to all!

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