Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Judo in France

The kids have been taking weekly judo classes in Bouzigues – every Monday evening. They love judo – despite the language barrier.

Last weekend, we had our first judo competition. It was great! It was organized by age, so Max and Josey each competed in different groups (although the take the same class here in the village).

Each age group was split into groups of 8 children. Then, each child participated in 3 matches – each match against a different child in the group.

Guess what?! Josey and Max both won first place in their groups. Woohoo!!

Unfortunately, I forgot the camera for Max’s competitions. Bad Mommy!! However, here are some great action shots from Josey’s warm-up.

And some action shots from Josey's competition matches!

Noah won, too. Felicitations, Noah!

Love to all!

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