Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Chez Nous

Christmas was dreamy! It was so relaxed, so peaceful. There was nowhere we needed to go . . . nobody was coming over, so we didn’t have to cook or clean . . . it was just the 4 of us hanging out. Bizarre!

We started with opening gifts, bien sur.

Looking “oh-so-glamorous” on Christmas morning, although Max takes great pictures!

Then we played with each and every gift.

And tried on each and every gift. Josey received a lot of terrific clothes from Grandma Pat and Sean, Mark, and Susie – very stylish! Susie could be a fashion consultant!

Max got a stylin’ new jacket from Grandma Pat!

And both kids got a lot of ski gear. We can’t wait to ski, with the Pyrenees a mere 2.5 hour drive away.

Josey's Bouzigues Christmas stocking - a hat turned upside down! Mike's a genius.

We took a leisurely walk along the beach of Bouzigues just to get some air.

Then we went home and played some more! Santa brought the kids a Poker set, and the four of us played Poker ‘til it was time to call the US.

After wishing Grandma Pat, Susie, Mark, Sean, Grandma, Dude, Dawnie, Daniel, and Thomas all a very Merry Christmas, we ate a yummy dinner. Dado made me Oven Fried Chicken, which is one of my favorites! Then we were all in bed early.

Like I said before . . . Christmas was dreamy.

I hope you all had a dreamy Christmas, too! It was strange not to see you, but we thought of you!

Love to all!

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