Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Josey's French Birthday

Josey and I both had the pleasure of celebrating a decade birthday in France. She turned 10 on May 31, and she celebrated several times.

She had a birthday party at home with friends. It was a beautiful afternoon, so everyone played outside.

We had crafts . . . I must admit that I bought the craft kits in the US in April (good ol’ Oriental Trading Company!).

We had cake . . . fondant chocolate and vanilla.

We had presents!!

And, I have to say that I’m proud of myself. Since Mike was still in the US, I hosted the party tout seul – all alone! I managed with 8 French children. Yeah for me!

Josey actually had three separate birthday celebrations this year. In addition to her birthday party, we celebrated with a cake, improvised candles (matches and tea lights), and family gifts before Mike left for the US.

And, Max, Josey, and I had a special day on her actual birthday. We bought special goodies at the Meze boulangerie that sells great little cakes, I saved some special gifts for her, and she got to plan our day. We had dinner for breakfast, relaxed, goofed off, and watched movies throughout the day, and had breakfast for dinner.

Happy Birthday, Josey!!

Love to all!!

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