Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Josey Loses a Molar!

Check it out – Josey has a new hole in her mouth.

She is a clever girl. She has received money from the Tooth Fairy in the US and in France, and she now understands the difference in currency values. Thus, she knows that $5 for a tooth is not the equivalent of 5 euros for a tooth.

Well, clever little Josey had a plan! She actually hid her tooth from the Tooth Fairy. She had two reasons. First, she wanted to show her tooth to Dado before the Tooth Fairy took it away. She is so sweet! Second, she wanted 5 pounds for that molar. We were to depart for London to meet up with Dado a mere 3 days after she pulled her tooth out, so she hid it until we arrived in London.

The Tooth Fairy still remembered Josey’s tooth – even 4 days after it parted from Josey’s gums, and Josey did in fact receive 5 pounds. Dado did get a chance to see the tooth, too.

Love to all!

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