Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thank you!

As we near 6 months in Bouzigues, France, I would like to thank some very special people.

To our newest friends . . .

Debb & Reed, thank you for all the help you provided to get us here. Thank you for all the friendship, love & good times since we have arrived! If you ever need anything at all – you know where to find us.

Sandra & Jean-Louis, thank you for making us feel welcomed and loved in Bouzigues. Thank you for including us in so many terrific events – from our first lunch with Stephanie & Stephan to Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve! Thank you for all the kind things you have done for us, taught us, and shared with us! We cannot wait to return the favor someday in America. Thanks to Michelle, too!

Jean-Christopher & Fanney, thank you for the conversations and fabulous pictures! Thank you also for encouraging our French. We look forward to much, much more.

Sabrina & Frank, thanks for the river adventure and all the great French “education” at school! We hope for many more adventures with you.

Madame Danaes & Madame Seguy, thank you for all the great care you have taken with Max and Josey at school!

Louise, thanks for all the great knitting visits. It’s amazing to have a US knitting friend in France!

Taco & Anne-Marie, thank you for teaching us the summer sports of Bouzigues! We’re glad we ran into you after Christmas, and we can’t wait for your next visit to Bouzigues.

Jack, Jill, Nigel, Pauline, George, Maryka, and so many more, thank you for all you have taught us and the fun we have had with you.

To others . . .

Grandma Pat, thank you so much for taking on the chores of our mail and US accounting. You are awesome! Please come see us!

Grom & Dude, thanks for the visits. We can’t wait for the next one, and two, and three, and . . . Thanks for storing the truck & all our other stuff, too! Thanks for being our “mules” and bringing us all the goodies from America.

Alex, thanks for the regular phone calls. You are very, very entertaining. You were a dream during your visit. Next time, stay longer so we can shop more.

Julie, you were awesome. Come back soon! No Absinthe next time, tho.

Deanna, thank you for suggesting Debb!! We hope you make it here for a visit.

Cathie & Dan, thanks for visiting. You were our first visitors, and it was incredible! We had so much fun with you.

Sharlene, Patty, Mary, Sumi, Louie, Sue Lotz, Sue Shotland, Marianne, Moira, Marty, Cheryl, Cathie, Melissa, Denise, Linda, and all the rest – thank you a TON for all the emails. I really don’t know what I’d do without you all. I miss & love you all!

Thanks and love to all of you for helping us make this French experience so wonderful!

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lvb726 said...

You are most welcome! Thank you so very much for your wonderful hospitality, delicious food, (Dado, I'd love the recipe for that chicken we had for lunch. And who knew I'd love oysters???) yummy french wine, driving us all over to see your new home's sights, and, most of all, the love, smiles, hugs and kisses we miss so much. I don't see you guys returning to Santa Cruz any time soon. Heck, I'd stay there another year or two myself. It is so beautiful and you've made such great new friends, why come home soon. Plus, it would give all your friends here more time to plan a trip to France.
Dude and I sure want to return. We miss you. We love you.