Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 4 - Sete & New Year's Eve a Chez Brun

It is surprisingly difficult to get 7 people up and moving in the morning . . . especially when we are all staying up way past our normal bed times! Thus, we got a late start on Day 4. We decided to keep everything local and relaxed, so we could get ready for the New Year’s Eve festivities at Sandra’s. We were all very excited!

Since we had not yet taken everyone to a real farmer’s market, we decided to do the Sete market. Sete is only about 20 minutes away, and they have a large market Wed and Fri mornings. Sete is also the 4th largest port in France and a beautiful little city.

Just look at the great window display. Max loved, loved, loved it! So did I. :) The view of the street is spectacular, too.

It was great! We got to show everyone the exciting French butcher counters. One vendor even grabbed a duck with its head still attached and quacked it at us! Too bad I missed that photo opportunity. Here are some sheep and veal parts for you instead.

We all made fun purchases of local goodies, such as dried fruits, baked goodies, etc. We even bought paella and Tielles Setoise, which are a local specialty of Sete – small pastries filled with calamari. This was lunch for the adults.

Alex loved the shopping! She bought a stylish new jacket and a cute purple and black dress that was her New Year’s Eve outfit.

New Year’s Eve at Sandra’s was amazing! Sandra’s whole family was there, including her mother Michelle, her cousin Philipe, his wife Sandrine, and their children Teo and Lali.

The evening started with wine and Alaskan King Crab legs. Isn’t that great? Next was homemade Fois Gras. Sandrine made it with red wine, and it was served with shallots that had been cooked with red wine as well. Deeeelicious!

Sandra roasted a delicious stuffed chicken as the main course. She also served two types of scrumptious potatoes and saut̩ed figs, apples and cinnamon Рto die for! We had two yummy dessert options Рla buche made of mango, coconut, and pineapple ice cream and a strawberry ice cream cake.

Philipe surprised us all with a new technique for opening champagne bottles. He literally removed the cork and the top of the bottle with a knife. It was really cool!

We all had a terrific evening. It was another wonderful holiday spent with family and our new friends – enjoying festive French traditions, delicious food, excellent company, and good times. Thank you Sandra & Jean-Louis!! Bonne Annee et bonne sante!!

Love to all!


lvb726 said...

Dinner was GREAT!! So many new tasty treats as well as wonderful company and lots fun trying to capture at least some of the conversation in French. Too bad the classes I took in high school were so very long ago. Sandra and her family were most gracious to invite us to share the feast.
Gayle and Mike have made a terrific new life for themselves in France. I miss them terribly but know what they are doing is incredible. If you have the opportunity to visit the, take advantage of it. You won't regret it.
I love you guys!

alex said...

oh yes! that was the best night ever! thank you sandra! i love the frenchies:) and a huge thanks to dado for teaching me new talents:) and sandras ?brother? haha good times good times :) oh and my bitch of a cousin has that dress to!! FU!@#$%!!!!!!!!! lol talk to you soon!