Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 2 - Roquefort

As Alex said, “Now I know why they say, ‘Who cut the cheese?’” French cheese is delicious, but it’s definitely stinky.

Visiting Roquefort to see how Roquefort cheese is made was Julie’s special request.

We discovered that Roquefort is a beautiful village, complete with tiny clam fossils and ruins.

Some history for you . . . the area where Roquefort cheese is made is 2 kilometers long by 300 meters wide, which is very small. This area has natural underground faults where air circulation keeps the temperature and humidity constant all year, which is necessary for the cheese to age properly.

Did you know that the “penicillin” that is added to the cheese is made in rye bread? They bake that in the summer and let it mold naturally in the caves for several weeks. When the mold is ready, they harvest it for “seeding” the cheese. All the milk for Roquefort cheese comes from sheep in the surrounding areas, too. I had no idea that Roquefort was made from ewe’s milk before this tour!

Love to all!

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