Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 5 - Avignon

Provence at last! I have been waiting to visit Provence, and I was so excited when we drove into Avignon and saw a fortified wall right away. Our hotel was a mere few steps away from the main entrance into the fortified portion of Avignon.

Here's the view from the hotel room!

Avignon has a wonderful Centre Ville, which translates to the center of the village – think old and statuesque! Here are some images for you.

Of course there was an amazing church - amazing inside and out.

Avignon also has a wonderful promenade above centre ville, which gave some tremendous views of the city!

It also had great fountains and a tiny park.

The centre ville is also spectacularly lit at night. Just get a look at all of the Christmas lights! Even the street was sparkly!

We spent a full afternoon wandering through Avignon. Then, Grom and Julie gave us a wonderful gift! They took all 3 kids overnight. We actually had a meal and a night alone. I was so rejuvenated that I visited the boulangerie the next morning to put out a full breakfast spread.

We spent the next day visiting the Avignon market and shopping. Alex found a gorgeous pair of shoes that I really need a picture of. When Alex is shopping - everyone is happy! :)

We also had to stop for delicious sandwiches. They were so good that we ate here twice!

A great 24 hours!

Love to all!!

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