Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Merci a Sophie!

Although it has a taken me several weeks to post this, it is not due to a lack of desire!

I want to thank Sophie, from the bottom of my heart, for making our last year in Bouzigues so much fun.

My regular readers know who Sophie is. She is our young friend (now more like the little sister I never had) who spent time with us each week. She took us fun places, she cooked us amazing food, she taught us all about life in the village of Bouzigues, she entertained us with stories, she helped us learn more French . . . She is the best!

Chère Sophie,
Je tu remercie beaucoup pour faire partie de notre famille. Tu nous manquez terriblement. S'il te plaît viens nous rendre visite bientôt. Tu peux rester aussi longtemps que tu souhaites!
Le plus gros bisous dans le monde!

Our last week in Bouzigues, we finally got to meet Sophie's entourage! Her
fiancé, Hamza, her fabulous parents Gerard and Helene, and her best friend, Jessica. We hope to see them all again for a visit next summer.

Love to all!!

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