Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bastille Day

We missed Bastille Day (le quatorze juillet) our first two Julys in France, but we caught the festivities this year!

Bastille Day is technically on July 14. However, to maximize the viewing pleasure of the fireworks around l'etang, each of the villages on l'etang celebrates a different night. So, it all started in Bouzigues on July 13 (followed by Balaruc July 14, Meze July 15, etc.).

The Bouziguads (both by birth and by general acceptance) gathered in front of the mairie (town hall) at 9:30 pm. Everyone received a French flag, and each child received a lantern (a paper lantern on a bamboo pole with a candle inside - obviously OSHA does not exist in Bouzigues!).

When it finally got dark around 10:30, the parade through the village began.

We ended in front of the port where the fireworks show dazzled us!

For us, it was very magical. Before the village festivities began, we ate dinner at Sophie's where we met Hamza (Sophie's fiance) and Jessica (Sophie's best friend) and Milan (Jessica's son and Sophie's godson). It was very fun, and we were thrilled to finally meet Hamza, Jessica & Milan!

At the festivities, we got to hang out with Debb, Reed, their granddaughters, and we got to see all of our other French friends!

It was almost like Bouzigues was having a going-away celebration for the Billats. How cool is that?!

Sabrina, Cyrielle, Laurent, Axel, Logane, and Jordan joined us for the fireworks, too.

A perfect end to our last summer in Bouzigues. We are very, very lucky people.

Love to all!!

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