Monday, July 12, 2010

Alizée and Ondine

Another heartbreaking farewell . . .

During our last year in Bouzigues, we have had the great fortune to live in the center of the village in a maison de pêcheur (a uniquely French fisherman's house).

Our greatest joy in living in the center of the village has been the fact that Max and Josey can play outside, unsupervised, for hours at a time. They have taken full advantage of that spectacular gift, and their pleasure in playing outside has been in great part due to Alizée.

Alizée means tradewind, and she truly did blow into our lives like a breathtaking wind, leaving pure delight in her wake.

She is the most darling child I've known, besides my own (of course), and I'm so sad to see her go.

Her family is leaving Bouzigues, too, and
Alizée left one week before us.

Yes, overall, that makes it easier for Max and Josey to leave Bouzigues. However, it was a heartbreaking farewell.

Max and Josey adore, absolutely adore, Alizée and her wonderful sister Ondine. Their friendship has been a gift, and I know all four children will remember one another for the rest of their lives.

Goodbyes are so bittersweet. I'm crying right now because I am so grateful for having Alizée and Ondine in our lives, but it's so sad that it's over.

I know we will keep in touch, and I hope to see them both many times in the future.

I leave the rest to pictures.

Love to all!

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