Sunday, November 1, 2009


We packed in a ton of Halloween fun since arriving home from Biarritz - a mere 48 hours before it was time to Trick or Treat.

Sophie joined us with her cousin, Marjorie, and Marjorie’s two daughters to decorate Halloween spider cupcakes. We had to improvise, since they don’t sell Betty Crocker in France: we homemade the cupcakes and frosting.

To make the spiders, we mixed Nutella with cocoa krispy-type cereal for the bodies, and we used red licorice and black licorice for the legs. According to all reports, the results were delicious.

We carved the pumpkins on Halloween day, and they were great! We were the only people in the entire village to have pumpkins, too. Some people actually commented as they walked by, “Are those real?” (in French, of course)

Trick or treating was great! “Les bonbons ou les farces!” There was lots of blood considering that Josey was a vampire and Sandra, Noah, and Victoria were all zombies. Can you find Max?

Like last year, we had a great time going through the village. About ¼ of the villagers were home and giving out candy, which is awesome considering this holiday is relatively new here in France.

Love to all!

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