Sunday, November 1, 2009


Regarding Biarritz:

Wow . . . That’s all I could say. Wow!

The sign above and the pictures of the waves (and surfers, which may just look like black specks on the blog) below says it all.

A real ocean, beaches with real sand, waves, sunshine, no wind – that is how I would describe our time in Biarritz. Yes, we were incredibly lucky to have warm, sunny weather at the end of October, and yes, we were lucky (or Mike was lucky) to have great swell and waves.

We spent all the time we could on the beach, so there really isn’t much to tell you.

It goes much like this: We found good surf spots for Dado (Parlementia was by far the best!), and the kids and I played on the beach while he surfed.

There's Dado getting dressed for surfing (I'm sure he was singing "Mambo Number 5" to himself!), and there he is in the water. Woohoo!!

We did eat occasionally, too, and we did a little bit of shopping – but that was all secondary.

One super highlight! We visited L’Atelier du Chocolat in Bayonne, which is a company that makes chocolate bonbons. Ohhhh, yummy. We got to take a tour of the chocolate museum and watch them make the chocolates. Then – we got to do a chocolate tasting. Awesome! Of course, we bought a ton, too. Well, not a ton exactly, but a lot! The kids also got to dress up as chocolatiers and paint a white chocolate fish.

I'll have pictures of that visit in another post because I left my camera in the car (obviously, I was too distracted by the idea of all that chocolate!). All the pictures are on Dado's iPhone.

We also visited San Sebastian, Spain and Bordeaux, France. Unfortunately, they were both so unexciting that we didn’t even break out the camera. They were both very, very large cities. If we had time to explore more, maybe we would have found them to be more entertaining.

I’m sure it was the call of the ocean that pulled us away from anywhere besides Biarritz. I mean . . . Just look at that picture of Biarritz from the shore of Parlementia. Again - Wow!

Love to all!

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