Saturday, October 31, 2009

Un Apres-Midi Parfait!

Yes, today we had a perfect afternoon! After lunch, our friends Franck & Sabrina invited us on a boat ride with their family.Jordan and Logan played perfectly with Max and Josey - both on the boat and off!

And Sabrina even brought edible, homemade gifts for the kids - les doigtes des sorcieres!

Here are Franck & Sabrina . . .

Look - there is even a picture of me with the Dado!!

And there's our house!! You can see it from the water. Well, I hope you can see it on the blog. If you look to the right of the church, that's our terrace with the open glass door. The highest glass door you can see.

And here are some amazing views of Bouzigues from the water and the oyster fields.

We motored through the canals of Sete. Including going under some bridges that were so low, we had to duck inside the boat!

Thank you very much, Franck & Sabrina, for an absolutely wonderful afternoon.

Love to all!!

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