Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Favorite Salad

This is so delicious that I have to share it with everyone! It's Mike's concoction, a melange of the delicious salads we've experienced in France and Spain, so we don't have exact measurements ... do everything "to taste".

Saute until very lightly browned:
about 2 tsp really good olive oil (the taste really makes a difference)
chopped walnuts

handful raisins (white raisins are better)
chantrelle mushrooms (It's mushroom season here, and these are delicious!! Button mushrooms would not produce the same yummy flavor.)

Saute these ingredients until the mushrooms are softened.

In a salad bowl, combine:
Your favorite lettuce (I actually prefer Iceberg for this salad because it's so crispy)
Ripe cherry tomatoes, halved
Just enough oil & vinegar dressing to make you happy

Toss in the saute ingredients, and . . .

Voila! Deeeelicious - and healthy, too.

Love to all!

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