Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Bruns Are Back

Sandra, Jean-Louis, Victoria, and Noah returned last week from a 2-week vacation in the United States.

Their first stop was Los Angeles, home of my uncle V.J. (Jeff) Foster.

You have seen him in such films as Indiana Jones IV, Million Dollar Baby, Flags of Our Fathers, The Insider, etc. You have also seen him in such prime time TV shows as 24 (Russian terrorist), The Shield (Smitty the safe cracker), NCIS, and Cold Case. You may also have seen him in stage performances by The Actors' Gang – a group of actors directed by Tim Robbins.

Okay, I digress with pride for my uncle’s acting career!

A few months before the Bruns departed for their vacation, Sandra saw Jeff on Cold Case here in France. I had told her all about him, so she recognized him instantly. How cool is that? I received a text message from her around 10:30pm – she was so excited to have seen him on TV!

When we heard that the Bruns would be in LA, we asked Jeff and his wife Lindsley to spend some time with them. And when Julie heard that Sandra was coming to town, the whole Locatelli family planned to drive to LA to be part of the visit, too!!

The end result? The Bruns hung out with Jeff, Lindsley, Julie, David, Jeremy, and Ryan their first night in the US! They all enjoyed a Super Bowl Sunday party at Jeff & Lindsley’s house the next day, too.

I – of course – already knew that I have some of the coolest aunts & uncles in the world, but now the Bruns know it, too! The Bruns had an excellent time. Sandra even came home with autographed 8x10 glossies of Jeff.

Thank you sincerely Jeff, Linds, Jul & Dave for your awesome hospitality and efforts at making the Bruns’ visit an overwhelming success! You all rock, and I love you!

Another of Sandra's favorite parts of the US vacation?! Her new tattoos!! Check 'em out.

Love to all!

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