Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Max Turns 7!

Max’s 7th birthday was February 5th. We celebrated several times!

First, we celebrated early in Rome. Max wanted to say that he had his 7th birthday party in Rome, Italy!

Second, we celebrated a bit in the Pyrenees on his birthday. He got private ski lessons with David, since Josey was skiing in the Alps with her class. He got to open a gift from Josey when he woke up that morning, and I bought him a giant lollypop to eat in the car on the way home from the Pyrenees that afternoon.

Sorry, I couldn't get any "action shots" of Max skiing this time. He's way, way too fast! He's up to skiing on the black slopes already - and he skis faster than I can! He loves, loves, loves skiing. :)

Here is a shot of the gorgeous view from the ski slopes. Dado was willing to get his hands cold to take some pictures for me.

Last, we celebrated at home in Bouzigues the day after his birthday. That is when we ate cake. Max wanted to wait until Josey was home, so she could have cake, too. :)

Max got a giant box from Grom and Dude this day, so he also had lots of cool presents to open the day after his birthday, too.

One of the highlights of his birthday? A neck tie!

My boy is a bit strange sometimes – all in a good way! Right after Christmas, he decided that he simply had to have a neck tie. I have no idea where this unique fashion statement came from, but he was even willing to spend his own euros to buy one! Well, we searched high and low through stores in the area, and Aunt Julie searched high and low through stores in Santa Cruz – no joy. No neck ties made for little boys. One of his strict requirements was that it must not have clips! He wanted the kind that ties!

So, we turned to ebay. This is funny! For $9 (US), we found an Italian tie that we purchased from a vendor in Los Angeles that was then shipped to France. Then, we went to Rome, Italy! The boutique across the street from our Rome apartment had Italian silk ties for boys – 45 euros on sale. Wow! Max was really glad his was only $9 (only $3 shipping). What a deal.

Max asked us every single day: Will my tie be there when we get back to Bouzigues? Can I wear it right away?

When we got home, the tie was there! Uncle Mark provided the tie-tying lessons. Max has worn that tie every other day since we arrived home.

Is that kid lucky or what?! Rome . . . the Pyrenees to ski . . . France . . . a new tie. Wow! We are all very, very lucky.

Thanks to all of you who called and emailed him birthday wishes. He had a really fun birthday!

Love to all!

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