Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rome - Day 5

Our last full day in Rome was spent leisurely . . . no rushing to fountains or speed-walking to statues or racing to museums.

We even paused to take some unusual photos. For example, Josey's personal request to have her picture taken with an Italian policeman!

We used this day to re-visit our favorites spots, pick up some souvenirs, and move closer to the airport.

Max and Sean both really, really wanted to go on a horse ride. There are many horse-drawn carriages in Rome that will take you to certain places – giving you a tour on the way. Well, our first inquiry resulted in a 150 euro answer. Max had the option of a birthday party or a horse-drawn carriage ride. He wisely chose the birthday.

However, our last day was pretty rainy. I think the horse drivers knew the pickin’s were slim, so we got a shorter ride for a lot less euros! Susie, the kids, and I rode through the streets of Rome to the Trevi Fountain! Dado and Mark walked because they didn’t fit in the carriage.

We all wanted to see the Trevi Fountain again after seeing Bernini’s statues at the Villa Borghese. I’m glad we did! The lighting in these pictures is much better than my first batch.

The souvenir shopping around the Trevi Fountain was also excellent. Max and Josey love to shop, so everyone was having a great time but Dado.

We had a leisurely lunch in a café, followed later by our last gelato in Rome.

Do these kids look happy or what?! Mark isn’t looking so happy because he accidentally ordered a 12 euro gelato!! That’s more than $15 US!!

All of our things were already packed because we had to check out of the apartment early. Another American family was moving in! We had a 3:00pm rendezvous with our van driver, and then we were off to the airport hotel.

Sigh. It was sad to end this vacation. It was one of my most favorite ever! However, we were all looking forward to returning to Bouzigues. The Bergrens were excited about seeing France, and we were excited about being home. But now the love of travel is officially instilled in my entire family – I know that even Alex would have adored this vacation!

Some amazing sights on our way home . . .

The Alps from the plane and an energy-producing windmill in France

A nuclear power plant, too! Photo taken from the car. :)

Love to all!

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