Sunday, February 7, 2010

Max is 8 - Isnt' that Great?!

Max turned 8 on February 5th. Wow. That's all I could say! Wow.

He had a wonderfully successful birthday party. Here are some great action shots of him with his friends.

He had great luck, and it was sunny and warm out. Note that most kids aren't even wearing jackets, which is truly noteworthy lately.

And here is a group photo!

Of course he loved all of his presents. He even liked the clothes!

We enjoyed our new traditions: birthday cake (or brownies in this case) with sparklers & une feve**. The only problem is that it's hard to blow out a sparkler!

I simply cannot believe that my youngest child is already 8. Does that mean that I'm old?!

Love to all!!

** In France, there is a tradition celebrated for the Catholic Epiphany called La Gallete de Roi/Reine (The King/Queen's Cake). There is a special cake-like pastry available in all the bakeries & grocery stores, and hidden in the cake is a feve. The feve is a good luck charm, typically made of porcelain. According to tradition, the youngest person in the family hides under the table and directs the cake cutter to serve each piece to a specific person. The person who then receives the piece of cake with the feve also receives the good luck for the year! We decided to have our own feve tradition for Billat birthdays. Ma

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