Monday, September 28, 2009

Eva Turns 50 - and Becomes a Queen!

This is our friend Eva, who lives in Bouzigues. She is from Sweden, and she has lived in Bouzigues for several years. She owns the only little boutique in town, Maison Pitchiline.

September 26 was Eva’s 50th birthday! Bonne anniversaire, Eva.

Despite all of Eva’s heartfelt desires to NOT celebrate her birthday, Debbie and Martine threw a “Girl’s Night” (that title does not include the word party, right?!) to celebrate. About 12 of us from Bouzigues (French, American, English, etc.) arrived at Eva’s shop as she was closing Monday night. We were clad in sparkly crowns, and we each had our own blower – which we used rather loudly as we arrived at the shop. Debbie had a pink boa and a very large crown for Eva to wear.

Here's Debb defending herself from Eva's wrath! Just kidding.

We walked back to Debbie’s house along the port, with Eva trying to lag behind and get separated from the crowd. It didn’t work! We all arrived together at Debbie & Reed’s where Reed was ready to serve Cosmos to everyone – he was even dressed in black pants and white shirt like a waiter!

Debbie had seen to each and every detail! There were beautiful decorations everywhere, delicious looking hours d’oerves, and those pink Cosmos with pink sugar around the edge of the glasses (margarita style). It was really fun! In fact, I think that Eva had fun, too.

I mentioned "every detail", right? Well, this cute veggie plate said "Eva" before someone ate a few of the cherry tomatoes.

We all contributed to an iPod for Eva’s birthday gift. However, I really, really like Eva. She has been a great help to us in Bouzigues, so I wanted to give her a more personal gift as well.

Here she is wearing a shawl I knit. They are her colors and everything! She honestly seemed to love it. With hand-knit gifts, you can never be sure. (smile)

It turns out that Eva has an amazing background in the textile and fashion world, and she is an extraordinary knitter. Yay! She lives right across the street, and her shop is about 100 feet from my door, so I anticipate some knitting joy with her.

As we stood around talking about knitting, Eva told me that she grew up knitting because her mom is a knitter. Check out this adorable pair of itsy bitsy knit socks, which were knit by her mom. They are smaller than my thumb! Eva gave them too me. (Big smile!!)

Love to all!

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