Sunday, September 6, 2009

9 Rue Jeanne d'Arc - Our New Home

We are happily back in Bouzigues! We arrived Monday, September 1, and oh my goodness are we glad to be home!!

We have been looking forward to moving into our new house, which is in the absolute center of Bouzigues. It is very old, uniquely French, and absolutely amazing.

Here is a photo tour of 9 Rue Jeanne d'Arc . . .

You know when you have a key that looks this cool, your house is going to rock!

Check out the front door, door knob, and the knocker.

And when you walk in the front door – just get a load of that staircase. Oh baby! And to the right of the staircase is the first floor - the kitchen, living room, and dining area - all teak and original stone from the 1800s. Is that cool, or what?

Here is the second floor, home of Max and Josey. I took the first two pictures standing in the doorway between the kids' room and the petite salon (little living room) on the second floor: the first picture is their room, and the second picture is the petite salon in front of their room. Yes, as you can see, we are back to our cluttery selves.

This is the view from the tiny balcony on the second floor. We have an identical balcony on our floor, too.

Here is the third floor, pant pant pant, where Mike and I sleep (still panting from climbing the stairs). That is an O'Neill's sweatshirt, by the way.

Here is the fourth floor, le piece de resistance!

The summer kitchen (more teak and stone) . . .

The terrace (for those of you who haven't been here yet, those strange and perfect lines in the water are the oyster farms) . . .

And the view (panning from left to right - that is Sete in the distance) . . .

Here's a view of the super narrow street outside our front door, and a view of the front of the house. Gotta love the clothes lines (if you can see them). Can you imagine me hanging the laundry? Or Mike? We do it everyday!

Max and Josey can sleep in the sunroom, which means that we can make the second floor available for guests! We also have two bathrooms with showers. Woohoo!! So, if you want to come and see us, we can put you up.

Love to all!

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