Saturday, November 15, 2008


Being in France for the 2008 Election has been fascinating.

My parents sent us Obama t-shirts, which we wore the Monday before the election and on election day. Actually, Mike has been wearing his as often as laundry production allows! These pictures were taken while we were on a hike, so excuse our grungy appearance.

The last statistic I heard reported that 85% of the French people wanted Obama to be elected President. So, as you might guess, our t-shirts were a hit.

In fact, we have been stopped in the street by people yelling “Obama!” from their cars. People at the school in Bouzigues who have never talked to us before stopped to comment the day after the election, too.

It has been true of 80% of places we visit that the subject of George Bush and/or Obama comes up in conversation. Whether it’s a winery, the mairie (city hall) or prefecture, a casual lunch or dinner – the conversation inevitably turns to US politics and whether we are for Bush/McCain (it’s all the same to the French) or Obama. We haven’t met a single person who was gunning for McCain.

Our friend Sandra even tried to donate money to the Obama campaign! She received a call from someone on his campaign explaining that they had to return the check. Apparently they cannot accept euros.

We may be far from home, but we felt a lot of the Obama Love here in France!

Love to all!!

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