Monday, November 3, 2008

Boo! Halloween in Bouzigues

Check out the ghouls!

The kids had a fabulous time at Sandra's Halloween party. Unfortunately, Mike and I couldn't attend. We had an obligatory medical appointment in Montpellier to finalize our carte sejour (immigration) process. More on that later this week.

There were arts and crafts, goodies, and lots of fun. Then, we all played with Halloween makeup. Check out the witch!

Trick-or-treating happened in the village. All the homes in the village are tall and skinny, usually 3 stories tall. It was great . . . some people tossed candy down from their 2nd story terraces. It rains candy in Bouzigues on Halloween.

As they say in Bouzigues: Un bon bon, ou je te jette un sourd. Translation - give me a candy or I'll cast a spell on you.

Love to all!

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