Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lunch with the Bruns

Sunday we had a terrific lunch with our friends, the Brun Family. Sandra made almost everything from scratch, and she is an amazing cook! Here is the drool-inducing menu . . .

Hours-doeuvres et Aperitif

The kids were in Little Kid Heaven, as Dado says. There were cheese puffs “just like in America” according to Max, other crackers & chips, petite sausages wrapped in pastry rings, and Mini Knacks – bite-sized hot dogs that the kids ate with toothpicks. Max and Josey each gobbled up several Mini Knacks. We found them a new favorite in France. Thanks, Sandra!

Le Entrée

The first course was Quiche Lorraine – the real thing! Sandra even made the crust herself. She made it with fromage de chevre (pas de cheval), which you may remember means goat cheese (not horse cheese, like I tried to buy at the farmer’s market on accident). Deeeelicious. She also made a salad that Dado loved with avocado, apples, tomatoes, rice, shrimp, and crab – served with homemade oil & vinegar. I think he had 3 servings.

Sandra, s'il te plait, part avec moi ta recette pour Quiche Lorraine!

Le Plat Principal

The main course was spaghetti with sausage! Oh yum. Sandra made a meat sauce that was wonderful. This was obviously the “American” part of lunch, and we loved it. When she served it, she said, “Est-ce que c'est bon ou mauvais! Dites moi la verité!!!” That means, “Is it good or bad. Tell me the truth.” It was very cute.


Yes, this word is the same in French and English. Another homemade delicacy: French Lemon Pie. This was much like the Lemon Meringue Pie that Mike makes every Thanksgiving, but the lemon taste was milder. Also, Sandra used a thinner layer of meringue (which is exactly how I like it). I’m glad it was a thin layer because I managed to get it all over myself during lunch. Mike also made a delicious chocolate cake for dessert.

Bien sur there was an abundance of wine and fresh bread for the entire afternoon.

Merci mille fois pour le dejeuner, Sandra et Jean-Louis!

Unfortunately, I did not take pictures. I brought my camera, but I was focus solely on eating and speaking French. A girl has to have her priorities.

Love to all!!


marz said...

Have no fear--EVERYONE reads your posts and everyone is living vicariously. We just found out Aunt Flo and cousin Theresa reads them. We're just now reading about French wines (I have a book, non, "livre"). St. Chinian is listed in "appellations of Languedoc-Roussillon" as having good reds and roses. You should try Banyuls, "France's equivalent to Port" or Collioure, similar to Banyuls.

We love Max's beret.

Keep the posts coming.

Troy Gorostiza said...

looks like you are having a great time over there....making me jealous.