Friday, August 22, 2008

Le Cirque de Navacelles

We have named this the Grand Canyon of France. It is a very deep valley formed by a glacier millions of years ago.

There is a tiny village in the center of the gorge (we haven’t been able to find out why people built a village here or what the village’s source of commerce might be) with about 100 residents.

There is also an ice-cold stream that runs through the center of the gorge, the source of which is an underground river. The kids were brave enough to swim through some small pools of water that are fed by a gorgeous waterfall.

We ended this journey with a family fossil hunt. We were lucky to find a cool fossil and some crystals. It was a very fun, relaxing, interesting afternoon!

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The Alper Family said...

Wow Gayle! I haven't checked on your blog since your first update, so when I logged on this morning to send you an email, I realized how busy you guys have been. Cool! Looks, and sounds, like you're all surviving well.
We did a geo-caching hiking trip in Tahoe last week, and when I was sharing our experience with a co-worker, he told me there are all kinds of excursions around the world. I found a website for one in France. Thought it would something fun for the kids to do, if it's close to where you're at. Here's the website:

Hugs to all,