Friday, August 15, 2008

La Grotte de Clamouse & La Pont du Diable

This is how we spent one amazing day in France.

La Grotte de Clamouse

This is one of the coolest things we’ve done yet – seriously! This is a cave that ranges from 40,000 years old at its youngest point to 6 million years old at its oldest point. It is filled with beautiful stalactites, stalagmites, fistulas, crystals, organ pipes, and pillars. I’ve added some pictures for you, and here is a URL if you want to learn more. We did the 1-hour tour, and adults and children alike were spellbound by the strength and wonder of Mother Nature.

I also have a lot more pictures of La Grotte de Clamouse on my Flickr site.

Le Pont du Diable & Le Herault River

This is a medieval bridge that crosses a deep gorge – all leading to La Grotte de Clamouse and St. Guilhem de Denis, which is the tiny village above La Grotte. I wasn’t able to get photos of the Le Pont de Diable, but you can see it on the URL below. It’s amazing!

After our journey through La Grotte, we drove upstream several kilometers to swim in Le Herault river, which is crossed by Le Pont du Diable. It was idyllic. Cool, refreshing water on a scorching summer day.,_H%C3%A9rault

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