Monday, March 8, 2010


Saturday, Bouziguads celebrated Carnaval - in a big way! Last year's Carnaval celebration was fun, but this year's was even more elaborate.

The parade had lovely floats . . .

And sexy nuns . . .

And there was a band . . .

And there were girls on ponies (although I can't say I enjoyed the "treats" the ponies left in their wake!) . . .

And there were hundreds of Bouziguads - both in and out of costumes . . . Here are some of my favorites, including Josey's friend Mathilde.

And there was the burning effigy . . . Remember, this is supposed to signify a cleansing of all the year's sins as a precursor to Lent.

Check out the action shots. No problem lighting him this year!

Max and Josey made great use of their new Moroccan attire! Alize (the kids' best friend) joined us for the day.
And there was a ton of confetti & silly string! Here are Max and Marie in a confetti war. Marie is one of our other favorite Bouziguad children.

Love to all!!

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